Friday, January 30, 2009

In-N-Out Burger T-shirt

2008/09 In-N-Out Burger t-shirt
Michelle LaRae

It was an honor to have been selected to paint this year’s Collectors’ T-Shirt for In-N-Out Burger. We worked together to create a scene that captures the post World War II era, and celebrates America’s Military.

Being the granddaughter of a Lt. Colonel in the Marines, I could not have been more honored. My grandfather served in the Marines over the course of three wars, earning the bronze star for his heroic efforts in World War II. I know he would be proud of In-N-Out Burger’s and my efforts to show our support for America’s troops today.

As a classic car artist, I loved re-creating this era. My husband and I are regular classic car show attendees. We own a 1934 Plymouth, which we take to many shows. This experience truly lent itself to creating this painting – allowing me to take in the current trends in restored cars and produce a scene heavily influenced by my own taste in classic cars.

As I painted, I listened to Big Band Swing music. I really wanted to step back in time. While I was not born during this era, I re-created this era from my own love of Big Band music, swing dancing, classic movies, and car shows.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my artwork with you. I truly hope you find yourself stepping back in time into this era as you view this painting.